I want to ride on a white horse

Loved Goldfrapp’s set at Glastonbury. It took a while to ‘pick up’ but got there in the end.

UPDATED: Not sure the original ink was working.

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More Than This

Loved this version of More Than This by Bryan Ferry at Glastonbury at the weekend. Needed to hear it more than once to fully appreciate it. Sooo so good.


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Because I’m a #slavetolove

Loved Glastonbury. All of it. Especially Bryan Ferry’s set – among others. Not often that I go to the faff of actually uploading stuff onto Youtube – but here you go. Yes, I’m a slave to love…


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Because all the world’s a stage

Have enjoyed several jaunts at the theatre just recently.

Handbagged, currently on at the Vaudeville, is a must-see. It’s a comedic dramatised handbaggedaccount of the private meetings between Margaret Thatcher and the Queen. It’s had rave-reviews, and for good reason. Fenella Woolgar plays (the younger) Thatcher and she has absolutely nailed Thatcher’s mannerisms – way more so than Meryl Streep did in Iron Lady. She played the Honourable Agatha Runcible in Steven Fry’s movie Bright Young Things (from the Evelyn Waugh novel from whence, I might add, the term ‘we danced all night’ essentially came from) – which is where I’d seen her before. It also stars Stella Gonet, who some may recall was in House of Eliott, way back in the early nineties – which I used to watch.

I also saw Jeeves and Wooster at the Duke of York. It attracts a somewhat eccentric crowd (including lots of Americans) – and really does appeal to those who like the books. I quite liked it. It was cleverly done and really quite funny, but as someone who has never read any Jeeves – it didn’t quite excite the way it might have had for the die-hards (who were well represented).

And then on Saturday just gone, I saw Orpheus at Battersea Arts Centre with @ArtBarrow (who was kind enough to get the tickets!). I went with no preconceptions of how it would be – and it was wonderful. Great music, really skilled performers, great atmosphere – cabaret-style, you sit around candle-lit tables. Love that 1930s feel. I even bought the production’s sound-track.

I do enjoy theatre and also live music. Next up is a concert at the Royal Albert Hall sometime next month.

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Working for Miranda Priestly


At least – working for Miranda Priestly is what it feels like. To those that would profess not to know – Miranda is the fictional editor played by Meryl Streep in the movie Devil Wears Prada (and based on the real-life Vogue editor Anna Wintour).

This is at my new workplace. Miranda is immaculately dressed. Middle aged. Slim. Very expensively attired. Ultra-sharp Cleopatra-style hair-cut (that’s my terminology, I guess it’s more properly called a bob). Middle aged men fear her. People back away when they see her in public areas. She knows that she has that effect on people. And she revels in it. And she’s one of the most senior directors in the organisation I now work for.

She’s not my boss – but she’s someone I’m now having to do a very big project with/for. It’s in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. And I’m running it. That’s the very big difference when comparing this role with my last. The sheer size of the budgets. Huge.

So Miranda is ‘OK’. So long as you’re performing and she rates you she is generally ‘OK’. So long as this project (which won’t complete for a month) runs smoothly things will be OK. But I would absolutely not want to be on the wrong side of her or to screw up on this project.

There aren’t many ‘Mirandas’ in my new place. In fact – she’s the only one I can think of. That was almost part of the point of changing sector. To get away from the ‘big personalities’. But I guess there is always one.

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Six and a half weeks

Where does the time go?

Am 6.5 weeks into my new job.

As each week goes past – I get to know more people and everything feels slightly less confusing and easier to get my head around.

The work restaurant/canteen is turning into something of a daily fixture. Today I even opted for a pudding, too. This won’t be good for the waist-line long term.

What else. Well, I cycle to work every day. I really enjoy cycling and at circa one mile, it’s really quite an easy journey on back streets. I don’t wear any cycling gear at all – only normal work clothes. Nor do I go at any great speed. This is in contrast to my last permanent job in which I commuted 2-3 miles each way every day (still quite short compared to many people) – but that route took me on the cycling superhighways and I cycled much faster.

I still long for the day when London will be more like Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Berlin – i.e. where cyclists are ‘normally’ attired, rather than dressed in full-blown road-warrior gear. Hard to say if/when that day will come.

So work is going pretty well overall. Inevitably I have some days where I think “hmmm, this is probably only going to be a 1-2 year job” and others where I think “hmm, I think I’m going to build a long-term career here”. Only time will tell.

In other news – I’m off to France for 6 days at the end of next week. Driving all the way down and then flying back. There is now internet at the house so I won’t just be reliant on the cafe across the square as has usually been the case.

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