On repeat

That thing where you keep playing the same music over and over again. That.

For me it’s currently the soundtrack from the violent/indie video-game Hotline Miami which I am loving.

Really like this kind of electronic music.


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While we were hunting rabbits

Love this Canadian singer – Matthew Good! Introduced to me a couple of years ago by my Canadian muse – Ryan Miller.

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Eye of the storm

Worked until 7pm every day last week. Also several hours on Sunday afternoon/evening. Big offsite workshop today. Got home about 6.30pm, only to need to turn on the laptop and catch up with work.

Majorly busy. Not ‘bad’ busy. But even so. Am not really paid enough to do these hours.

Good news is I am getting a deputy very soon.

In other new? It’s cold out there.

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More than this

Has a special place for me this clip. Reminds me sooo much of my time in Japan. And other things.

I actually used to sing a song in JAPANESE at karaoke in my Japan days. It was such an institution. We went all the time. That sense of Zeitgeist looking back… so strong. Another time; another life; another person.

Adore, covet and love Lost in Translation. Speaks to me on so very many levels, the vast majority of which I can’t even begin to articulate.

“Everybody wants to be found”

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Radio silence

So I haven’t blogged since I got back from New York, a little over a month ago.

Hard to believe I was even there. It was such an adventure. I look back and it’s as if it was someone else – not me. All somewhat surreal. Living between Central Park and Times Square, working in Midtown East, hanging out in the Village, shopping on Fifth Avenue, walking in Central Park… you get the picture. I loved it, truth be told.

Back in London.

Work has been really horribly busy. I’m in a new role (same organisation). And the role is more like two roles. Plus I’m still doing my old, legacy role. So it’s been stupid-busy.

I did get to Italy for work earlier this week. Which was good. Though fleeting.

Next year will be manic. I’m still angling to get a proper stint abroad – one measured in years, not weeks or months. Plus ça change.

Another year goes by. Almost.

Seasons greetings to all and happy holidays! (Doncha just love my PC, American-style felicitation! :P )

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Sunset over New York

new york sunset

Bitterly cold in New York today. Although air temperature-wise it was probably about 8c – not too bad – the windchill really made it feel like it was below zero. Really chilled you to the bone.

Spent the morning at the 9/11 Museum. Very moving but very worthwhile. It goes 7 storeys below ground-level and is huge, much bigger than you would think from the relatively small building at ground level.

Late afternoon we went to the Top of the Rock – aka the observation deck at the top of the Rockefeller Center main tower. It’s a triple-storey observation deck on floors 68-70. Floor 70 was actually closed due to the high winds today, but there was still plenty of viewing opportunity on the other two floors.

new york sunset top of the rock

The views are amazing – and being there to watch the full sunset over the course of an hour or so was incredible (although cold). I have many, many more pictures than the two here. Lots of sorting and editing still to do.

In the top picture, the building at the far back is the new 1 World Trade Center which opens next week – the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The main building in the foreground (left) is of course the Empire State Building.

My adventure in the US is almost over.

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