Review: Spooks (Episode 2 – Series 7 – BBC)

R.I.P. Adam Carter

Episode 2 begins ‘8 hours’ after episode 1, in the wake of Adam’s death.

Ros wastes no time asking Harry to give her ‘section D’; she wants to assume Adam’s role as head of the division. She goes back to her flat and tears it up, throwing the flat screen television across the room in a fit of rage. She’s in mourning.

Harry is adamant that they will avenge Adam’s death through Arkaday Kachimov, the FSB (formerly known as KGB) bureau chief in London, who was responsible for Adam’s death.

The main plot line involves a Russian submarine that is in British waters. It transpires the sub is on a mission to launch a ‘cyber attack’ by intercepting the cable linking Europe with North America and launching a denial of service attack which would bring down every computer in the United Kingdom.

JIC (the Joint Intelligence Council) refuse to allow Harry to target Kachimov. They also refuse to ‘turn off the internet’ which Harry asks them to do, as a safety measure.

Lucas North (the Mi5 agent not long out of 8 years in a Russian jail) appears to be a double agent as he’s liaising with Kachimov. It also turns out that his ex-wife (who is Russian) is now his handler.

There is a Russian oil tycoon who Ros intercepts in the changing room of a City gym. Grabbing him by the *cough* testicles, she encourages him to spill the beans which is to confirm that there is a submarine in British waters.

A somewhat confusing episode. Lucas shows his true loyalty to Five having been tasered by Ros when she suspects him of actually working for the Russians. He’s interrogated by Harry and the rest of the team and says he’s playing Kachimov at his own game.

The Russian sub is now poised to launch its attack. Lucas intercepts Kachimov and tells him that they can set him up to look like a double-agent meaning his handlers in Russia would want him dead. The only way he can extricate himself from the situation is if he gives Mi5 the codes for the submarine. Kachimov takes him into the Russian embassy and they get the codes off the computers. Ben dials in a bomb alert and the embassy is evacuated. Lucas and Kachimov leave during the evacuation with the computer disk.

They get in a car driven by Ros and the team and the disk is handed over and put into a laptop. The data is sent directly to Malcolm back at Thames House who has just seconds left to prevent the cyber attack mounted by the submarine. He breaches all 3 firewalls of the sub’s defences and the sub loses all control.

The end result is that the attack is foiled. You then see a BBC report on the tv with a story about a Russian ‘oceanographic vessel’ that ran into difficulty, that was saved by the British Navy. This is the cover-up.

Kachimov is now effectively ‘turned’ to the British side. The final scene is him awaiting pick up to be taken to an Mi5 safe house. Ros and Harry are there. In a derelict part of London. Kachmimov shows no remorse for the death of Mi5’s star agent – Adam, calling him a disposable resource.

In the final scene, as he awaits his pick up, Harry calmly turns around and shoots Kachimov through the heart in cold blood.

The sub plot is Lucas and his Russian wife who is now FSB. At the end he has infiltrated her house and tells her that unless he joins him and works for Mi5 – she will lose everything she has.

A good episode, though not quite as dramatic as episode 1.

Re-run on BBC iPlayer.

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