A spot of shopping

Felt like crap this morning due to this dodgy stomach. It’s OK now. That said, Sheridan made a sausage casserole this evening which in fairness I could have done without. It was edible, but the recipe called for lardons (bacon bits) and there seemed to be masses of them so it was a really meaty dish. I didn’t eat it all.

Did some shopping today. Went to PC World to get a wireless mouse for my new Samsung NC10 netbook. Whilst I’m almost used to the trackpad – I don’t think I’ll ever truly get my head around trackpads. Is just too slow compared with mice. So I got a Microsoft Wireless Notebook USB Optical 6000 mouse which was 30% off. I’d read it was a good one and it’s slightly smaller than a regular mouse.

I also bought a teeny carry case for netbooks with little handles on. I liked it as it has little corner straps and a back vent meaning you can open and use the netbook in situ whilst still in its dinky case. Sheridan made the point “and when exactly are you likely to go portable with it?” and of course I’m not, but even so.

Hit Sainsburys and spent £80. £30 on that was for a 30″x20″ mirror for my bedroom. The S’burys we went to is one of the largest in the UK (it might be the largest I’ve perhaps read). It’s HUGE. Distinctly south of me in the endless and oftentimes down at heel suburbia that is ‘southeast London’ but it was OK. Sheridan made an “all of humanity is here comment” which is the kind of thing I’d say, but there we go.

We then went to Carpetright and I’ve provisionally picked out the carpet I’m buying for my spare room and hallway. The spare room currently has painted floorboards and these have been peeling in the 6 yrs I’ve lived here and in those 6 years I’ve talked many times about doing the carpeting. And never done it. I procrastinate.

My Eastern European carpenter/decorator should also be starting soon, possibly as early as Monday. We’re just finalising prices and what needs doing in the first phase. It’s all go it seems. It’s all stuff that should have been done a long, long time ago. Again, the P word had come into play (procrastination).

I’m writing this in bed. Still loving my netbook. Am using the headphones and the sound is perfect (is tinny if you play through the netbook’s speakers).

I can smell the casserole on me, that meaty smell. Ugh. Not great. Watched Finding Neverland at Sheridan’s. A good movie, starring Jonny Depp and Kate Winslett. Laid off the wine tonight. He drank the remainder of the cider that went into the casserole and I drank two Kroenbourg (stubbies).

Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym and generally chill out. I might also sort my online dating profile and photo out. I mustn’t procrastinate on that for too long.

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