Review: Spooks (Episode 5 – Series 7 – BBC)

Ros Myers (Hermione Norris)
Position: Chief of section and senior case officer
Ruthless and uncompromising, Ros will do whatever is necessary for the greater good. After infiltrating shadowy international organisation Yalta, she was forced to fake her own death to avoid their attention.

Drama series based around the British Security Service. The British economy is on the brink of collapse and if one more bank goes down the entire financial system will implode. Ros goes undercover in the City to flush out a dangerous international financier who wants to bankrupt the country. Suddenly, it is not just the economy, but Ros’s life that is at risk. Source: BBC

This episode focused on the City of London – one of the world’s most important financial centres. Specifically, the issue of ‘insider trading’ was looked at. Hardly the usual terrorist stuff but it goes to show that what happens in the financial markets of the world has huge implications across the globe, every bit as profound as standard terrorist activity.

So a ‘run on a bank’ occurred, instigated by City magnate Meynell. As confidence was erased in a high street bank, the share price goes into free-fall and Meynell’s outfit begins betting that the bank will collapse.

This episode was particularly interesting because, though it was no doubt filmed last year, it reflects the volatility of the markets and how greed is the ultimate Achilles heel.

The other plot line was that of Sugarhorse. Connie’s London flat is raided as Mi5 exclude her from the grid and has her flat turned over as they seek evidence that she is part of a high level conspiracy. Eventually a tape is found in an old souvenir and it’s Hugo Prince stating (now deceased) stating that Connie is innocent as it was obvious she would be guilty by association.

We later learn that “sugarhorse” is the most important Mi5 operation ever undertaken. Lucas tells Harry that he was tortured for 17 days. He then falls out with Harry.

Ros sleeps with Meynell to get the outcome she wanted. She hates herself for it…

A complex episode but they manage to beat Meynell who it turns out is being backed with Russian money to try and influence the markets.

Lucas rips up the photo of Elisabeta and says she’s no longer to be used as an asset.

Ros catches up with Jo who is still traumatised by her torturer. Ros delivers her a set of photographs proving that the man who still haunts her is dead. It transpires she had been raped as well as tortured and Ros tells her that they, as female officers, have to be that much tougher than their male counterparts (she had had to sleep with Meynell to stay close to what he was doing).

Lucas remembers the word ‘pilgrim’ having been used when he was tortured. He requests an eyes-only file from the vault. He then seeks out Harry who in turn looks through the file. Turns out the ‘pilgrim’ is in fact Bernard Qualtrough, the retired agent who now runs a second hand bookshop in south London.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Spooks (Episode 5 – Series 7 – BBC)

  1. I’d only ever seen a couple of bits of episodes of Spooks until this series. TLP convinced me to take a look and I’ve really enjoyed it.

  2. SCM – yeh, is v.good isn’t? Really annoyed I fell behind. Suddenly you miss one and it knocks everything back. I’m recording the repeat (on now) which I’ll watch tomorrow, hopefully before the latest episode at 9pm tomorrow.

    I’d like to say this series has been ‘particularly’ good but I think they’re all pretty much at this quality. Ros is excellent as the main spy (as Adam was in his time).

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