When I was in the south of France last month on holiday with friends, we spotted this army (or navy?) exercise taking place in the little gem of a seaside town, Collioure, which we were visiting.

To be honest they were probably the equivalent of our own Territorial Army (i.e. the reserve army) rather than full time French soldiers or Legionaires. They seemed pretty relaxed and, dare I say it, quite amateurish. That said, the topless commando-types looked fairly Platoon like!

Still, was fun to watch. I always wanted to be in the armed forces so do enjoy watching this sort of thing.

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4 Responses to Platoon

  1. Enrico says:

    You want to be in the armed forces?! How brave.
    My school’s ROTC was practicing outside the other day and a bunch of students called the cops saying peepz on campus had guns! So they sent out a school-wide e-mail letting everyone know it was just the ROTC.

  2. Milo says:

    Enrico – yeh, for many years. Hmm, not so brave. Army wouldn’t have been my choice. RAF or Navy would have. Ah well, guess it wasn’t to be.

    That would be scary seeing people on campus with guns!

  3. lula says:

    I love, love these photos!

  4. Milo says:

    Lula – thank you. Pictures were taken with my cheapo point-and-shoot and then altered with the Bleach Bypass preset in Lightroom.

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