Treacherous Kisses

In the top margin, it’s labeled “Illustrated Romance Library No. 71” and entitled “Treacherous Kisses,” but as illustrations were often re-used, this may have appeared with a different title.

It has been attributed to Jon Whitcomb, but it appears unsigned.

(via flickr)

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5 Responses to Treacherous Kisses

  1. thejjmgstin says:

    Your blog has ads now?
    I love the vintage images you find, M:)

  2. Milo says:

    Hmm. Their policy is:

    We sometimes display discreet advertisements on your blog—this keeps free features free!

    The ad code tries very hard not to intrude on your design or show ads to logged-in readers, which means only a very small percentage of your page views will actually contain ads.

    Annoying they’re now showing on the web version as well. I guess they show now for everyone not logged into wordpress. It’s $30 to remove them for a year which I think I’ll do soon. I do not like the idea of adverts appearing on my blog.

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