C is for Champagne

champagne flutes illuminated by christmas lights

Occasionally I am minded to pick up my old dSLR camera, the lens on which I really love. It’s a 35mm f2 (which won’t mean much unless you have an understanding of photography). The dSLR itself is ‘ancient’ – a D50 dating from – wait for it – 2005. Only 6MP but still takes lovely pictures, and honestly, who really needs so much more resolution than that? I still love the camera and combination – though in truth it doesn’t get out much these days (as is always the way when one over-relies on mobile phone photography).

The pic is of the new champagne flutes I’ve bought for the upcoming party I am hosting later this week, illuminated by some cheap Christmas lights I have also bought. An American friend – whom I refer to as ‘the #AmericanHeiress’ – is insisting on bringing champagne (and she has expensive taste) – so I thought it was high time I finally bought some champagne flutes.

I love shooting wide-open at f2.

About Milo

I write about anything and everything which may include, but is not limited to: travel, photography, television, books, cinema, the arts and importantly - food and wine. And I’m desperately seeking Steven. Among other things.
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2 Responses to C is for Champagne

  1. mumof4 says:

    I love the photo AND the way you have the snow falling.
    Are these the ‘waited in for delivery for days’ glasses?

    • Milo says:


      Snow falling you can also activate on your blog (under settings).

      Yes, £1.49 from Homebase! They have a frosted stem. Also picked up 6x mulled wine (type, they’re actually for coffee) small thick glasses from House of Fraser which had a big pre-Christmas sale at the weekend.

      Hot mulled wine and ice-cold champagne seem like a big contrast!

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