self portrait shadow
A self-portrait in shadow, taken on the South Bank, London

I took quite a few pictures yesterday morning on my walk along the Thames. This is a self-portrait in shadow. I quite like the ever-so-slightly sinister looking shadow figures on the right.

I didn’t really have a huge bag – that’s just a distortion. The rest of it is an accurate silhouette though.

I also took another picture in which I am reflected on the water of the Thames from the Hungerford Bridge.

Incredible Hulk

A convivial evening out on the town with work. 10 of us out for drinks at our local, then 4 of us on to dinner at my favourite Chinese. My colleague over from New York paid for it all (fear not, it’ll be recharged to the company’s social budget).

A successful shopping excursion at midday, just a short meander out at lunchtime. I bought an Incredible Hulk t-shirt from FCUK and some shoes. The shoes are half smart/half trainer hybrids, the sort I’d wanted as I can wear them with semi-smart work trousers. £30 from Zara in the sale. The t-shirt was from FCUK and in the sale. I really liked the Batman ones too, but didn’t buy one in the end.

Legs Eleven

A lazy Sunday. In fact, a lazy weekend in general. I woke up with good intentions of either going to the gym or going for a run (I did a 1 hour run last Sunday morning). But, on finding out that it was -1c outside, I thought the better of it and have stayed indoors (and mostly in bed!) instead.

A few photos of not very much (click on image for larger):

T-shirt bought in Rome in June. Maroon ‘retro’ tracksuit bottoms (sweat pants for those of you in the New World) bought many years ago; I wear tracksuit bottoms around the flat all the time when I get home and change from work.

A bit of tan left over. I was in Egypt in September, on a beach, with friends. Trust it isn’t considered too risqué posting pictures of one’s own legs on my blog; I do have underwear on, before the more cynical ask!

Looking out from my bedroom window which is mostly south facing so gets a lot of light.

An old shoe box that I use for misc junk. Fly London is a local brand I have always quite liked. Fairly eclectic stuff, albeit on the high street.

Blogging from bed.

Mahogany chest of drawers I bought second hand, I think last year (or beginning of this year, I forget). Dates to 1900 or thereabouts, I seem to recall. I do like antiques. Holds masses of stuff which is great.

Laundry pile. No matter how much I do, there is always more to be done. I do need to get a laundry basket at some point instead of chucking it on the floor… I could do with a French maid, too (preferably male).

Crush with eyeliner

Sheridan came round for dinner tonight. I haven’t seen him in three weeks. Though we’ve spoken on the phone. First thing he said was “God, you look… much better!”. A good sign. Up until three weeks ago I’d had terrible bags under my eyes and dark black circles, derived from continuous insomnia and stress. That’s all gone. I feel really, really good about things and about starting my new job on Monday.

Everything has changed. For the better.

[Photo removed as I decided it was too unflattering, LOL. I’m not vain, honest…]

01 November 2008
D50 – ISO200 – 35mm – f5 – 1/60sec