For relaxing times, make it Valium Time


I slept badly as felt stressed out. Not because of work, like the olden days, when I was permanently stressed and going though continuous periods of insomnia. But it harked back to that period.

At times like that I wish I had access to Valium or similar. My tranquilizer of choice is invariably alcohol these days. But I drink too much of that as it is. A pill would suffice.

At the onset of flu when I was at Sheridan’s to pick something up (he was away that weekend), I stumbled across a small cupboard that was full of drugs. He doesn’t smoke. He rarely drinks. He doesn’t drink tea or coffee. But he has had a long and enduring relationship with drugs – prescription, over-the-counter and also alternative.

I have honestly never known someone to pop pills the way he does. He has pills for everything. When he was younger he was very ill. These days he is better. But a part of him remains hooked on drugs. Uppers, downers, you get the picture. He also takes a very large number of health supplements, tonics, etc.

I have long assumed that he takes Valium or similar. Though haven’t asked him. He’s quite covetous and ritualistic about the drugs he takes. He has a very demanding and quite stressful job. He finds it hard to relax and unwind and to sleep. So he pops pills. It seems a lot of the professional and middle classes do. A ‘little something’ to help them get through what life throws at them.

I have never taken any type of prescription drug other than antibiotics. Never had uppers, downers, prescription painkillers, etc. That said, there are plenty of times when I’ve wished I’d had ready access to them.