Son of Scrooge

  • Days to Christmas:  3
  • Presents bought: 1
  • Cards sent: 0
  • Decorations put up: 0
  • Scrooge factor: 8 out of 10

Struggling to get into the spirit. Keep coming home to cards on the mat, opening them, most from old/close friends, most of them married with children now (such is the way when your peer group is early 30s). Pangs of guilt each time I open a card.

Anyway, my Scrooge factor dropped somewhat today as I bought a present for our mam – something I know will go down well. It was, of course, a bottle of:

My dear ma-ma has, like me, always been deeply covetous of high quality booze. It is from her, after all, that my love affair with French pastis first started.

Hendrick’s gin is the amber nectar – the truly scrumptious of the spirit world. A quite wonderful elixir guaranteed to elicit feelings of profound conviviality and inner happiness. Sure – it costs twice the price of Gordon’s – but is undoubtedly, unconscionably worth it. A sublime taste experience. And you drink it with a slice of cucumber rather than lemon. Trust me – once you’ve tried it, you won’t go back.

And do you know which shop I bought it from? Tesco. That much maligned (by me) UK supermarket chain that trades, generally speaking, on price more so than quality *shudder*. But their Finest stuff isn’t, it transpires, all bad! I had some Finest ravioli (forget the name, it was a cheesy one) which was really very good. Often those egg pasta raviolis are tasteless but I was surprised at just how good this was. As was their flat (horizontally sliced) garlic bread. Thank you, Tesco. All may not be totally forgiven but you’ve gone up in my estimation – especially as your Hendrick’s is cheaper than anywhere else at £20 a bottle. So that’s half the present bought. The remainder will likely take the form of a cheque.

And I still need to get something for our kid. Probably an Amazon voucher so he can buy what he wants. That’s what he asked for last year.