Review: Extreme Male Beauty (C4) – Series 1 – Episode 1

I wonder if anyone else watched this on Channel4 last night. Was on fairly late. All about how men are becoming obsessed with how we look as we are bombarded on a daily basis with images of the perfect male body in magazines, underwear packaging, TV, etc, etc.

So a journalist called Tim Shaw sets out on a journey of self-discovery to change his body, look at what’s out there, talk to other men – some of whom are happy in their bodies, most of whom aren’t, etc. To quote Channel4:

Tim begins his quest to transform himself from superslob to superman in just eight weeks. The 35-year-old journalist, husband and father of two is 6 foot 5 and weighs 14 stone 7 pounds, and describes himself as a ‘skinny fat bloke’ with a beer belly, hairy back, man boobs and ‘an obsession with the size of my knob’.

First, Tim focuses on his chest as he tries to turn his man boobs into the sort of pecs you see on the poster boys. Along the way, he meets men who take their desire to get bigger and buffer to frightening extremes – including steroid abuse and surgery.

Tim also hears locker room tales; anything from moobs to shaving your privates. Source.

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