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Finally catching up with Mad Men episodes. Can’t quite believe I’m still only on series 2 which came out several years ago. Have a lot of catching up to do seeing as series 4 premieres soon on BBC4.

Little mashup I did featuring a modelling photo I found of January Jones (who plays Betty ‘Birdy’ Draper in Mad Men). Source image and interview with January Jones here.

Of course, I also know a real-life Birdy, too.

If he was silent. I would be silent too.

If he was silent. I would be silent too.

Good. If he was silent. I would be silent too. Indeed, I could very well do with a rest in this subdued, frightened-to-death rocking chair, before I drove to wherever the beast’s lair was - and then pulled the pistol’s foreskin back, and then enjoyed the orgasm of the crushed trigger

Reading Nabokov is to experience the master. Do not allow yourself to be put off by the subject matter, perhaps because you consider it distasteful. To do so is to fall at the first hurdle.

The end is close. I will probably watch both versions of the film again after finishing the book this week. And then what to read next? I don’t know. Something old rather than something new, methinks. I like writing that has stood the test of time. For a reason.

PS I created the montage/mashup using images from this wonderful collection on Flickr. The person has amassed some amazing retro/vintage/grungy backgrounds which are perfect for the kind of mashups I like creating.

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A portrait of the artist as a young man

photoshop mashup portrait of the artist as a young man

I created this mashup by combining this vintage picture frame (there are some fantastic background/frame type canvas images on this lady’s flickr site) with the image of a male Aquascutum model).

I solarized the main image (is like looking at a negative) and used layers to get the portrait to sit within the frame. I quite like how it’s turned out.

Other mashups of mine:

City Boy (uses the same model)

Alone in London

Thinking about summer (this became the header image for my 2009 blog awards – some of which can be seen on winners’ blogsites, notably Hotel Tuesday, Josh is Trashy and Suburban Mum).

1980s mashup

A thank you to Derry who pointed me in the direction of a 1980s mashup tune which I’m digging. Mashups are combined from multiple sources, blended together.

This mashup combines such timeless tunes as:

  • Madonna – Like a Virgin
  • Cher – Believe
  • Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  • George Kranz – Din Daa Daa

Derry knows just how much I love the 1980s🙂


versace advertising poster 1988