Day 7 – Fine & dandy

Day 7 at work and all fine. Slowly getting used to people, the place, the culture, the work etc. The work is 100x more interesting than where I was before. My (free!) lunch today was gnocchi; was nice. It’s such a great perk having free lunch, it really is. And the quality of the food is fab, which helps.

I didn’t leave work until pushing 6.30pm today (and I was one of the last people in the building, what a huge contrast to my last company…) but I was quite content to leave at that time as I was getting on with work (I’m still having crazy numbers of intro meetings to get acquainted with all staff) so it was fine.

My bloody netbook has still not come. Ebuyer now have it in stock so I’m going to speak to Saveonsamsung again tomorrow and if they can’t get it to me by the end of the week I will cancel. Last time I tried to call them I was told I was 10th in the queue so lord only knows how long that would have taken to speak to someone. They did reply to an email I’d sent, saying their stock of black machines had been ‘stolen’ but that they have white in stock. I don’t care if I get the white model or the black any more; I’m happy with either, I just WANT the machine. Grr.

Not much other news. It seems like many of my dearly beloved are abroad. Our very own Sven left the UK this evening for his new life on the other side of the world, Silverback has been frolicking in the warm Florida waters, as has Mike who is in Miami. Daphne has been in Barcelona and Vern has been writing for the next Fodors’ Caribbean guide by travelling across the region. It’s alright for some, say I! And Hen starts her new job tomorrow so here’s wishing her all the best!

In other news, last night I signed up for 6 months of online dating as it was 75% off. I’ve not done much else yet though. Haven’t got round to it (yes, I procrastinate!) It’s been so long since I’ve been on a ‘date’ I probably wouldn’t have a clue. Ah well.