Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive

mulholland drive

“I was so excited Gallery 1988 LA asked me back to make a new piece for their annual “Crazy 4 Cult” show, now in it’s 5th incarnation.

After thinking it over and watching lots of Lynch movies, I was super inspired by “Mulholland Drive.”  [Here is a fantastic analysis of it.]

Finally, Lynch’s freeform, bat-shit-insane storytelling had a place to actually make sense. Mulholland Drive is a really great movie – and actually shows off Naomi Watt’s acting chops.

Honestly, I don’t enjoy Lynch movies.  I can’t.  This is the exception, I think.  And the theme song is good.”

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I ♥ the movie Mulholland Drive, directed by David Lynch. And who can forget that haunting song.

Jeux Olympiques, Stockholm 1912

stockholm olympics 1912 poster Olle Hjortsberg

Far from being recent, the notion of the Olympics as a PR opportunity for the host nation dates back to 1912, when Stockholm provided the first purpose-built stadium, the first concerted Olympic advertising campaign and the first official poster, all with the aim of promoting Sweden as a dynamic modern nation.

At first sight Olle Hjortsberg’s design, which sets dynamic male nudity against vigorous art nouveau pattern-making, seems to belong to a culture of naive, essentially platonic homoeroticism that flourished in the early 20th century and vanished with the First World War. Yet even then the image wasn’t perceived as entirely innocent. Those whirling orange streamers were added to shield the central figure’s modesty, and the poster was barred from many public places.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Nana de Herrera

nana de herrera jan and joel martel

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The composition by Joel Martel from 1926, is based on the circle and is Cubist in style. Two straight lines indicate the opposite movement of the arms and legs. The intensity and dramatization are suggested by the play of lines that accentuate the “plasticity” of this type of dance.
Joel Martel (Le Moulin, 1896 – Paris 1966): Sculptor, designer. He always worked with his twin brother, Jan. Together, they created a large number of decorative sculptures ranging from radiator caps to memorials.