Vignettes – 10/06/11

After work I wandered into a Marks & Spencer food hall trying to decide what to buy for dinner. The next thing I knew, a mouse (or rat, I couldn’t tell which – though it had quite a dark appearance) scurried out in front of me. It was as bold as brass – running between the feet of shoppers and then along one of the food aisles. I complained to staff but they seemed unperturbed¬†– as if used to it.

Rodents seem to be everywhere in this city. My own office (a period building) has a long running problem which no amount of intervention from Rentokil seems able to resolve. We don’t have rats, we have mice, but even so – they seem indestructible, irrespective of how much poison is put down.

What is it about this squalid, Dickensian city? They say you are never more than a few feet from a rat and that I can believe. Another example – I don’t much use the tube these days, but when I do, you can usually see rats running along the lines whilst waiting on the platform.