Treacherous Kisses

Treacherous Kisses

In the top margin, it’s labeled “Illustrated Romance Library No. 71” and entitled “Treacherous Kisses,” but as illustrations were often re-used, this may have appeared with a different title.

It has been attributed to Jon Whitcomb, but it appears unsigned.

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Union Station, Washington DC, 1921


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This photograph reminds me of the golden age of travel. Trains, plains and auto-mobiles. Many moons ago, travel was exciting and rather classy. There is little to like about current transport networks (other than that they’re functional, faster and more frequent and allegedly more comfortable – though certainly not in rush-hour).

And seating like they had then is so much more civilized than the horrid metal seats we have today. And at London stations there are nowhere near enough seats. In fact, there are hardly any.