Mad Men Series 2 (BBC)

At last the day has come. Mad Men series 2 finally aired on BBC4. I have waited a long time for this and seeing it again on our screens has been sublime.

I love how the Radio Times described it:

The first season of Mad Men probably won more awards than it did viewers. But its tiny band of devotees on both sides of the Atlantic treasured it as a polished pearl, a television series of wit, thoughtfulness and elegance. So bless the BBC for keeping the faith and bringing us series two. Source: Radio Times.

mad men

It’s so true. Very few people I know watch it, but that’s such a shame as it’s one of the very best things on British television right now. In the sea of mind-numbing, amorphous, celebrity crap – this really is delicious. The attention to period detail is absolutely exquisite – like no other TV program I’ve seen. The smoking, the drinking, the womanising, the clothes, the marital dysfunction, the desperate housewives, the search for meaning. All very powerful stuff and highly compelling viewing.

Episode 1 of season 2 followed on from where the last series left off. The arrival of the revolutionary photocopier has the office abuzz. I won’t write too much more as it can be watched again on BBC iPlayer.

Masses of photos on AMC’s website.

Series 2 episode 1 on iPlayer.

PS OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG they’ve just advertised the second season of Damages beginning on Sunday! My two favourite US imports restarting on television for their new seasons! Happy days indeed!

Mad Men Series 2 back in the UK

Very good news yesterday. I was reading a long article in The Telegraph about Mad Men and its creator, Matthew Weiner, at the end of which I read the magic words: Mad Men’ series 2 starts on BBC4 on February 10 I’ve been so looking forward to it coming back to our shores. It was one of the very best things on TV when it started last year on BBC4. Birdie is also a big fan. There is also a good article in the DT about voluptuous siren Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks). Can be read here.