Views from the top of the Shard

Views from the top of the Shard

This has been all over the news the last 24 hours or so, but the video is dated 1 year ago so I guess it’s only just come out.

As someone who really struggles with heights – I find it hard to look at! It reminds me a bit of that wonderfully good documentary – Man on Wire, that I blogged about a couple of years ago.

Still amazed at just how high this building is. Also shocked by the light pollution, but that shouldn’t come as a huge surprise in a city of 8 million people.

More pictures on Silent’s website here.

As mentioned in a previous blog post of two years ago, I am not a massive fan of the Shard (primarily because of its location, rather than the building itself).

The Shard – London

The Shard – London

The London Shard is currently being built here in London. It will be the tallest structure in Western Europe.

Whilst I’m not against tall buildings, I’m not convinced that putting it in the London Bridge area was the best thing to do. Skyscrapers should be contained to Canary Wharf instead of encroaching on the City itself. I know we have the Gherkin and Tower 42, but they are a lot smaller than the Shard.

This is an ancient and incredibly historic city and this building is going to seriously affect the skyline – however pretty the artist impressions, below. Frankly I’m surprised it was granted permission.

Artist impressions © Sellar Property Group whose website is far too CPU and bandwidth intensive for my liking.

This is how the space will be used, as it’s a ‘mix use’ building (click for full-size):