Festive baking – sausage rolls & mince pies

So today I baked. Sausage rolls and (mini) mince pies. I made the sausage-meat mix using best-quality pork sausages, a chopped spring onion, some garlic, a bit more onion – and a handful of chopped parsley and a scant pinch of chilli powder. However, I used shop-bought puff-pastry. For the mince-pies – I made my own pastry (it contains ground almonds and also cream cheese) – but I used a jar of shop-bought mincemeat.

Next year I would really like to make both the filling and the pastry.

Anyway, very pleased with how both came out. I used my new high-qual mini-muffin tin (heavy) and they cooked really evenly and came out of the tin no problem. They really are small – each pie holding about a 1/2 teaspoonful of mincemeat.

The sausage rolls are better than the batch I made 1-2 weeks ago. The filling tastes better (I didn’t add water to it, which the BBC Goodfood recipe recommends) – and I didn’t use the food processor this time – instead using a knife to blitz the herbs/onions and then my hands to mix it all together. They’re also smaller than the last ones I made. The tip here is to (after rolling up the pastry) leave it in the fridge for a while before taking it out to slice thin pieces, using a heavy/sharp knife.

My Christmas soiree is tomorrow and I have a few more things to bake in the day.

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Soiree, circa 1925

john lagatta party soiree 1920s

Picture by John LaGatta.

 John LaGatta (1894 – 1977)

Born, Italy. Original style in US was a flat-color, fade-awayish aspect for Life magazine (though his later Life assignments would show his more free, lush brush work. Famous for his glamour girls from the 20s through the early 40s utilizing a multi-media palette of chalk and wash. Expert in making clothed women look like they were wearing virtually nothing, he was a hit with both fashion and women’s magazines (Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan), as well as advertisers. Source.