Falling in love with Sookie Stackhouse

Am loving True Blood. Loving it! Is better that Spooks Series 8, would you believe! I am genuinely savouring every single episode.

And I’m falling in love with Sookie Stackhouse (played – so perfectly – by Anna Paquin).

To those of you not watching it – you really ought to be. It’s airing on Channel4 in the UK (first series). Set in the Deep South. Vampires and humans living side by side. Of course, as soon as I say this (as I have to colleagues), they laugh and say “nah, not my type of thing at all”. But it’s great. Really good, ultra slick, super stylized drama. Is like Mad Men – another brilliant US HBO import. And you don’t have to like vampire stories to like this at all, that’s just the backdrop. The writing, the acting, the story lines – masterful!

And so I’m falling in love with Sookie. Today she and Bill (the vampire) finally consummated their forbidden love. And so she bared her exquisite, perfectly ripe, chiffon breasts. Like peaches plucked from the garden of Eden. Sublime!

True Blood

I really enjoyed True Blood which premièred on Channel 4 this evening. From the director of Six Feet Under – this is just the type of US import that I’m predisposed to enjoy – like Mad Men, Sopranos or Damages. It’s adult drama – not for the masses (unlike Flash Forward, which is). It’s full of filthy language (much of it in southern drawl), illicit sex and also violence. It’s gritty, colourful and above all – absorbing. And it reminded me of our own home-grown vampire drama, Being Human, made by the BBC last year – which I enjoyed.

True Blood is much better and has far more appeal than the dumbed-down, cliché-ridden Flash Forward which has also just started on UK tv, of which I’ve seen the first two episodes. That had wooden, stereotyped and politically correct characters that just feel really bland and anodyne – especially compared with this. Sure – the plot and premise are good – but the acting isn’t.

I’m now really looking forward to the next episode. If you didn’t catch it – it’s set in the present-day Deep South – vampires live alongside humans. It’s the kind of thing that’s not quite so easy to describe; you have to watch it. More on HBO’s site.