I wanted to fly Chinooks

When I was a kid I wanted to join the RAF.

I have always loved that big bird – the Chinook helicopter – and really wanted to be a pilot. Instead, I ended up in a regular office job.

RAF Chinooks on deployment in Afghanistan:

chinook helicopter 04

chinook helicopter 03

chinook helicopter 02

chinook helicopter 01

chinook helicopter 05

I’ve been watching the documentary series Air Force Afghanistan on Five which I quite like (though The Guardian is quite condescending), set at Kandahar airbase. It’s a  follow on from Warzone which was on earlier in the year. I like these kinds of documentaries set on warships, airbases, etc; always have.

Photos of Chinooks in Afghanistan, serving in the RAF in Helmand Province, Afghanistan (2009).

RAF photo gallery of Chinooks.