Day 24 – Coming out at work

This evening I went out with work. A lovely, trendy, European bar in Covent Garden.

The alpha male – a consultant who I like a lot – asked me in a rather short amount of time and quite sheepishly – if I was gay. To which I said my usual set response: “well, what do you think??”. People always get uncomfortable when I do that. He got very sheepish but it was fine.

“Yes, I’m gay” said I, at last. And that cleared the air. These are some of the brightest, kindest most decent people I’ve ever worked with. I really, really, really like them. Being gay was never, ever going to be an issue here.

Unlike at my last workplace where I detected an inherent homophobia in the air. I loathed my last workplace for so many reasons. Not just one, but many, many reasons. I would never work in that subset of professional services again. Something about it that I really despised.

So all is well. I had a lovely burger and chips – really, really good. And lovely Belgian beer, the really strong stuff. And good company. And of the 6 of us, one of my colleagues it turned out was lesbian. So it’s a diverse place. Not something that surprises me.

I’m 5 weeks in and am really enjoying it. Lots of work – possibly a bit more than I might have liked – but seriously interesting projects. There is no comparison at all with the last place; none. It’s like comparing chalk with cheese. This is the most grown up, high end, relaxed, successful, dynamic, positive place that I’ve ever worked in.

And yes – I’m lesbian, gay and bisexual (the term LGB was one we used at university and I have stuck with it) and I’m darn proud of it. I am who I am.